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Who are we? We are a group of patients who have been invited to work with the practice to help patients become responsible for their own health and provide practical support, advice and input.

Who are they? They are the doctors, nurses, dispensers, receptionists and everyone working for you at Feltwell Surgery.

Who are you? You are the patients that use Feltwell Surgery when you’re sick, stressed, injured or fed up.

What will the FSPPG do? FSPPG will work with the practice to provide practical support, to help patients be more involved in their own health treatments and conditions and to provide input and advice to both the practice and the patients.  Their work will be entirely as a result of co-operation between the patients and the practice staff.

The purpose of the FSPPG is to:

Have the FSPPG actually done anything yet? Well, we’ve only just got together. However – have you noticed that those little red messages on the electronic information board are less bossy and more friendly? We listened to you when you said you didn’t like the tone of the messages. So they have been altered.

Our aim is to do loads more. We are newly formed and having to get to grips with it all ourselves. However, we are finding out things that the staff thought you knew anyway. The more informed we are the clearer and easier things should get for you.

 For instance:

Each month we will be looking at one or two issues raised by patients and practice staff to see how best we may make improvements.

If you wish to contact us about anything then either write to us at:

Feltwell Surgery Patient Participation Group, Feltwell Surgery, Old Brandon Road, Feltwell, Thetford, Norfolk IP26 4AY.

email us at:

Feltwell Patient Participation Group Members are:

Chairman:  Sue Garland       Vice Chairman:  Toni Arthur-Hay       Secretary:  Rod Edwards

Members: Vicki Hurst, Jim Marriage,  Louise Morris

Areas represented:

Toni Arthur-Hay - Northwold, Whittington and Stoke Ferry

Rod Edwards – Feltwell

Sue Garland – Feltwell

Vicki Hurrell - Feltwell

Jim Marriage - Methwold and Methwold Hythe

Louise Morris - Mundford





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