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       From Charity Commission documents dated 22 March 1894 it may be deduced that the Thomas Batchcroft Trust was founded by Will dated 21st March 1660.

        The Trustees meet regularly to administer its affairs.  The Trust’s primary objective is to provide assistance to the parishioners of Methwold.

Assistance is offered to those in need.  Please apply through the Clerk to the Trustees, contact details for whom are given below.  All applications will be considered by the Trustees.

Allotments:  The allotment area off the Brandon Road adjacent to Cock Corner is the private property of the Trust, comprising approximately 25 acres divided into 95 allotments, each approximately ¼ acre, the remaining area being taken up pathways, etc.  Applications are invited from residents who would like to manage an allotment.  Full Terms & Conditions are available on request from the Clerk to the Trustees.

Kindly note: The allotment area is the private property of the Trust and for the use of Trustees and allotment tenants only.  There are no public footpaths or public right of way and the use of the area to exercise dogs is strictly forbidden.  Also note that shooting rights have been approved over the whole area of the allotments.

The Trustees disclaim responsibility for any accident or injury to unauthorized persons.

Shooting Rights:  Tenders are invited for the Shooting Rights in and over the allotments.  Applications for the Rights for the coming year commencing October should be made to the Clerk by the last week in September.  Applicants must be able to demonstrate they hold Third Party Insurance, a Firearms Certificate & Game Licence and are fully conversant with current regulations.

Memorial Book:  A Memorial Book (of no particular religious bias) is kept displayed within St George’s Church financed by the Trust.  No charge is made for arranging professional manuscript entry in the book.  Applications may be made by relatives or friends of the deceased, clearly written/typed, addressed to the Clerk to the Trustees.

Enquiries regarding any matters related to the Trust should be directed through the Clerk to the Trustees:-

Paul Smith, 61 Globe Street, Methwold, Thetford, Norfolk. IP26 4PQ

email:  Tel: 07787 503545




Local Charitable Trust

Founded 1660