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Through the pages on this site we hope to provide information for locals and visitors alike whilst serving as a base to build greater community links and networking

We hope you enjoy browsing the site and that you will return time and time again as it evolves

Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information, have any comments regarding the present site or improvements you can suggest and would like to see

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Web Design & Hosting

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How itself came to be...

      Based within the parish and run for, by and on behalf of Methwold residents has been designed and built by David Thomas. As a local resident David felt there was a definite need for the Parish to have a continued web presence after he learnt the original parish site created by Colin Marsland was in danger of being lost. After chatting with Colin, in time he felt the foundation Colin had laid down could be built upon to encompass “All things Methwold”. The thinking being that the site could grow as a useful source of information for local based web users, a means for local organisations to publicize themselves whilst continuing to provide the window into the local community for world-wide web visitors, something of such importance in today’s society.

      After a discussion with Colin and others, David went on to create the new site format and look. He was also able to register the new name of With the assistance, advice and encouragement of Mo Truss and Jim Marriage who came on board as site administrators, he developed a much larger layout and agreed a site policy and remit.        Once published and operational, for a couple of months both sites were running alongside one another. Then, on August 2nd 2011 again with Colin’s assistance, the original Methwold site was taken off-line and a link was posted at the old web address to redirect visitors to Then with the assistance and sponsorship from Methwold Community Action Group the site began to grow.

 As time goes on the old web address and link will disappear, but we are delighted to say that the new one has taken off on it’s own and is climbing in the Google listings by the day, having had thousands of hits since its initial launch in June 2011.  So what’s it all about?

       The thinking behind is that through the creation of an interactive community based site we can firstly give online residents a hub of easily accessed local information. Secondly, apart from the continued window into the community we can provide residents, local organisations and parish businesses with the opportunity to have a web presence and thus promote and feature their events, services and facilities to the web community. All this at very low cost.

     We are an in independent group but are very grateful to the Methwold Community Action Group for sponsoring and covering our first year and set-up costs, this will be repaid as soon as possible. Then, once established and as more locals come on board we intend any profit made over and above the annual running costs (from the advertising and featured page fees etc.) to be donated to local good causes. Thus benefiting the community as a whole.

So far...

      Since taking over the site we are delighted with the response from residents and visitors alike and are pleased to report that we are receiving hits and comments from locals and browsers from all over the world.

The Future...

      Constantly being tweaked and added to, the site will continue to grow and evolve with more pages and ideas being added all the time. So the future looks very promising. As the team encourage all on-line Methwold residents to get involved we hope to achieve our goal in building something the parish and community can be proud of and boast about. Something we know Colin Marsland would have loved to see.

So, please enjoy the site, look around,  check the calendar, view the downloads and read the news, get involved, sign our guest book, leave comments, but most importantly, come back soon!


David Thomas Host,

Designer, Webmaster & Administrator

Email: The Webmaster

 You can contact

Postal Address: C/o 40 Hythe Road Methwold, Thetford, Norfolk IP26 4PS

The History and in tribute..

      Methwold’s original website was built and set up by local resident Colin Marsland with the assistance of his brother. Over the years with Colin’s dedication and maintenance the site gathered many links and became a recognized Internet window into Methwold. In its history the site received over 19,000 hits from residents and web browsers the world over. Unfortunately, back in the Spring of 2011 due to health problems Colin felt that he was unable to continue maintaining the original site and that it would have to close. On hearing about this David Thomas another parish resident felt this could not be allowed to happen. After discussing things with Colin, who gave his enthusiastic help, a new site was planned and came into being in June.

       Colin got to see the new site up and running, but very sadly after only a few months he lost his battle with health problems in early October 2011. Colin’s family, close friends and the parish lost one of its kindest, quietest, mild mannered and most loyal residents. A true Methwold man, Colin was involved in many things within his beloved local community and he will be sorely missed by all. and the residents of Methwold owe Colin a debt for all he did in the parish and we would like to think that as this new site continues to grow it will stand as a long and fitting tribute to him.


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