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 NEWS - 2011

Feltwell Surgery Patient Participation Group

Newsletter No. 3

We’ve had a talk from a Prescribing Advisor for NHS Norfolk – West. We found out some things that might help us to understand how we can help save money and at the same time have more money to spend.

Whether we like it or not the NHS has to save £20 million over the next 4 years by 2015. There has to be changes.

None of us want those changes to affect our own care and treatment.

None of us want to be left out or to have anything done on the cheap.

We can save on the cost of drugs. How?

Here’s some examples :

      Brand Name                    Cost     Generic Name                   Cost

1. Efexor xl (Venlafaxine)                        Venlalic (generic venlafaxine) XL 

      75 mg tabs                    £22.08         75mg tabs                                £11.20

2. Efexor xl (Venlafaxine) XL                    Venlalic (generic venlafaxine) XL

      150mg tabs                   £36.81         150mg tabs                               £18.70

3. Actonel (Risedronate)                          Risedronate generic

      35mg                            £19.12         35mg                                         £1.66

4. Protium (Pantoprazole)                        Pantoprazole generic

      20mg tabs                     £11.83          20mg                                        £1.18


5. Protium (Pantoprazole)                         Pantoprazole generic                  

     40mg tabs                      £20.57           40mg                                        £1.77

So – if you get offered a generic drug by your doctor – give it a go!! You’re not being palmed off with something substandard.

If you’ve changed to generic medication – thank you.

Hip, Hip Hooray

A hip replacement is on its way


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